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How to Download Photos


» 1 LOG ON:
In your browser, go directly to from, click on News & MediaBroadcast & MultimediaPhoto Library

Start your image search by clicking on Browse/Search from the left navigation.
You can browse by Country/Region or by Topics. If you know the name of the country, file, photographer, or have a brief description, conduct an advanced search or a quick image search.

Your search results will tell you how many images your search returned.
From this page, you can click on the image or "i" icon to find more information, download a complimentary image, or navigate from page to page.

A comp is a complimentary watermarked image you may download to use in your layouts. It is not suitable to be published. To download a comp,click on "Download Comp"--> then right click on the image › save picture as › choose destination › save.

Navigate to the detail page of image by clicking the "i" icon, or thumbnail. To the right are two (2) "Download" buttons. One for high resolution and one for low. Click on the appropriate button and wait for page to refresh. Once an image appears, right-click on image › save image as › save image locally › save.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to contact the Photo Library at: (202) 458-5526 or smccourtie1